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WHAT IS SGVHV DOING during this Pandemic {Event #2}

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WHAT IS SGVHV DOING during this Pandemic
Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans {Event #2} Stay tuned for articles on other Events

While members of Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans we’re distributing the COVID-19 safety bags, they found another need. This need was at the Carl R Darnell Army Medical Center in the new infant dept.
This was exciting for the Star Group leader ship team as they were wondering what else could they do to help the community. Communications went out to all the members and we told them in three days we wanted to take 500 packs of wipes to Darnell Medical Center. Star Group veterans helping veterans membership was excited and happy to help and with this mission we all went shopping because of COVID-19 restrictions these could only be purchased one box at a time.
On Friday 8 May 2020 Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans had the honor of helping Darnall Army Medical Center (New Infant Dept/Labor and Delivery) close the gap in the shortage of baby wipes.

SGVHV was greeted with open arms by Col Robinson and the head nurse of Labor and Delivery. They came to receive what they thought was a couple of wipes and to their surprise turned out to be 503 packs of baby wipes.
As a team, we started unloading the vehicles placing the wipes in the lobby of Darnall Medical Center. As the cases started piling up the Command Sergeant Major of the Medical Center stopped to express his gratitude by signaling a thumbs up for SGVHV willingness to donate.
Other Officers and Staff Members overwhelmed by what they were seeing, also stopped to express how this was a wonderful this event and act of kindness.
Kudos goes out to all Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans Team members who purchased and donated the wipes.
Special Kudos to Mr John Cook, Ms Karen Powell and Mr Micheal Barker for the extra support and delivery of the wipes.

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